The lie of busyness

Being busy feels good. 

When you're busy, you feel like you're "worth" something. You feel like you're valuable. 

Whenever you have problems at work or in your family, what do you do? 

You keep yourself "busy."

Many of us even pretend to be busy (myself included).

Because it feels good. Until we need to do real work. 

But, 80 percent of the things we're busy doing (or pretend to be doing) do not add real value. 

Busyness distracts us from what we really need to do. It takes our focus away from doing work that matters—from work that adds real value to other people's lives. 

Sometimes, being busy is a form of hiding. Many executives call for meetings to hide from real work, from real value. Many mothers and fathers use "busyness" to hide from the realities their families face. Many of us even forget our insecurities momentarily when we're busy. 

Being busy also takes our eyes away from God. Because by following Him, we'll even need to do real, lasting work. And that requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. 

The next time you're busy, maybe you should ask yourself: "Am I hiding in my busyness?"

It's okay to be busy. Being busy doing real work is the only way to move forward. But, the key here is doing "real work." Not being busy. 

What powers the new economy

I love this piece from Seth Godin:

"If the boss can write it down, she can find someone cheaper than you to do the work. 
"Probably a robot. The best jobs are jobs where we don't await instructions, where using good judgment and taking initiative are far more important than obedience.
"The economy is now powered by connection, not industry. Connection and innovation and the instant movement of data means that the rules most of us grew up with are quickly becoming obsolete."

It's not about working hard anymore. It's not even about working smart. The new economy is about making connections.