Start Your Own Life’s Project and Start Living

“Your life should be filled with purpose-driven experiences and projects that bring excitement, passion, energy, and authentic meaning and joy into your life.”

– Richie Norton, The Power of Starting Something Stupid



That’s how many cups of coffee I had over five days of working overtime. And when I say overtime, I mean working until way past midnight. That’s why I missed posting on my blog last Thursday, Monday, and Tuesday.

But, really, I’m just making an excuse for not being able to write and send you your battle plans. (He he sorry.)

Each day, we spend at least eight hours at work, an hour preparing for work, and at least another hour going to work. We dedicate at least ten hours of each day for our jobs. If we include an hour for lunch break and another hour for travel time going home from work, the total number of hours becomes twelve hours! We are spending half of each of our waking days working on our companies’ businesses and projects.

Do not forget that we also spend eight hours to rest. So, the amount of time we really spend for ourselves and our families is really only four hours each day. That means we only have a sixth, or 16.67%, of free time to do whatever we like to do.

Worse, if you are not enjoying your work, you are not really LIVING 83.33% of your life. You are only making yourself present. (I’m so good at math… like that.)

I’m not suggesting that you resign from your job. I also have a job! But, if you work on your company’s projects, why not work on our own life’s projects as well? If you spend at least eight hours working on other people’s projects, why not spend an hour or two working on yours?


Your Life’s Project

What is a life’s project?

A life’s project can be anything. It can be a business to start, a cause to pursue, a nonprofit organization to build, a book to write, or even a simple website or Facebook page to create. A life’s project is something you are passionate about.

It is similar to the projects of the company you are working with. The only difference is, this time, your own life’s project is your own project. (Now, that was just brilliant.)

Each life’s project is different. But, they all have the following characteristics:

L – ove-centered

Your life’s project is about pursuing something bigger than yourself. It is centered on serving others, not only on your own needs. Also, moving forward, to make your life’s project bigger, it should not only make a difference in your own life, but also in other peoples’ lives. It should matter to them as much as it matters to you.

I – nspiring

Your life’s project should inspire you. It should make sense to you and should be meaningful to you. It should wake you up each day with a lot of fire and passion. It should also make sense to other people. It should be empowering for them. It should inspire them and enable them to achieve their own dreams and aspirations. It should make a positive difference in the world.

F – un

Your life’s project should be connected to your own values, skills, and passion. Doing your life’s project should be enjoyable for you. Otherwise, you will still only be making yourself present doing your own thing and not truly living.

E – normous

Your life’s project should be big and ambitious. Small dreams simply do not excite. Also, the bigger your life’s project is, the more people it will have a positive impact on. You will be making a difference. So, you might as well make a big difference.


Why You Should Do Your Own Life’s Project


Do you wake up each day not knowing what you are waking up for? Do you have a goal for next year? Five years from now? Ten years from now?

Doing your own life’s project gives you a goal to achieve and a cause to pursue. Having your own life’s project gives you direction on where you have to go and tells you what you have to do today, tomorrow, the next day, and all the days after that. It gives you a vision for your future.

It feels great waking up in the morning knowing what you need to accomplish for the day, for the week, for the month, and for the year!

Still feeling lost in life? Act now! Discover and do your own life’s project!


Each day, I see people dragging themselves to work. It’s obvious how much they hate doing what they are doing. Even when the day has just started, they are already giving a frowning face to the world. I completely understand their pain because I also went through the same.

I would wake up each day very early in the morning, endure the scorching heat or the pouring rain, and struggle to catch a ride to work (yes, MRT, I’m referring to you) just to do something I did not like to do.

I felt like a zombie whose only purpose was to find flesh (in our case, money). I existed, but I was not fully alive.

Doing your own life’s project excites you. It makes you live each day with a lot of fire and passion. Because of your mission, you are working towards something meaningful to yourself and to other people. You are making a difference.

Having a cause to pursue and a goal to achieve makes you live fully. It teaches you what it means to be truly alive.

Friend, don’t be a zombie. If you feel as though your life’s a routine, do something different! Start your own life’s project!


Finally, doing your own life’s projects prepares you for bigger projects.

Believe it or not, working on your own life’s project is much more difficult than working on someone else’s project.

It takes a lot of discipline. You do not have a boss to check up on you regularly. No one will impose a deadline for you. The achievement of your own life’s project is completely up to you. You can procrastinate all you want without anyone scolding you.

It is more painful. When you face trials and challenges in your life’s project, you do not have a boss or officemates to cover for you as well. You are responsible and accountable for the results of your life’s project. When you fail, you only have yourself (and God) to comfort you.

But, the very things that challenge you stretch you. They make you better and stronger.

And when you overcome all the trials and finish your life’s project, you will be ready for bigger projects.

"If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won't be honest with greater responsibilities.” – Luke 16:10


Friend, do something different and start making a difference. Don’t discount yourself. Don’t discount your voice. Your voice matters! Be heard. Do your own life’s project now.

What project will you start today to make a difference?