A Lesson from Making a Carrot Cake: The Three Ingredients You Need to Start Your Life Project

Flour, eggs, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, milk, vanilla, vegetable oil, ground cinnamon, carrots, and walnuts.

Do you know what you can make out of these ingredients?

The classic carrot cake! The soft, dense texture. The crunchiness of carrots. Its mild sweetness. And the spicy, sweet, and bitter taste of cinnamon. Mmm.

Just like making a carrot cake, starting your life project requires a set of ingredients mixed and prepared carefully to create a masterpiece. And these ingredients are the 3 P's you need to start your life project (no, baking Powder is not included):


Imagine you won the lottery and you won one hundred million DOLLARS! What will you be doing for the rest of your life? That's your passion. Passion is what you will do even if no one will pay you for it.

Passion is important in doing your life project because doing your life project does not guarantee you will get paid. You have to hold on to something when the going gets tough (especially, financially). And that something is your love for what you are doing.

Doing what you are passionate about is a reward in itself. Getting paid is just be icing on the (carrot) cake.


I am very passionate whenever I sing. I would always hold on to the shower head, whip my hair back and forth like a rock star (or like Willow Smith), and sing until I get tonsillitis. I'm a bathroom superstar! But, I never sing in public. Why? Because people are not as passionate to hear me sing.

Passion is not enough in doing your life project. You also have to be proficient at it to add value to the people whom you are doing your life project for - your audience, your customers, or your clients.


John and Matthew (not their real names) are both world-class chefs. John's specialty is pizza while Matthew's specialty is pasta. However, John now owns a thousand pizza chains while Matthew serves his famous pasta only to his family and some friends.

Why is John more successful than Matthew? Because he delivers. No, he doesn't deliver pizza. He DELIVERS his passion and proficiency to the world.

It's not enough that you do what you are passionate about and proficient at doing. It's not enough that you do your life project. You also have to deliver it to the world.

The platform is what allows you to deliver your life project to the world. This maybe a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, your own website, or even physical platforms like a book or a tangible product.

The Two Other P's You Need to Make Your Life Project a Best Selling Carrot Cake

Flour, eggs, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, milk, vanilla, vegetable oil, ground cinnamon, carrots, and walnuts are the basic ingredients in making your carrot cake. But, without icing on top of it, without presentation, and without a "secret ingredient," your carrot cake will just like be any other carrot cakes in the world. 

When we baked a carrot cake two years ago, our secret ingredient was a few drops of rum! Don't worry. Those who ate my carrot cake did not get drunk.

Similarly, the first three P's of your life projects will make your life project like any other life projects with the same theme and delivered using the same platform.

The next two P's are the two "secret ingredients" that will make your life project unforgettable and separate it from all the others out there:



Kimchi, curry, gambas, shawarma, buffalo wings, bicol express, laing, and jalapeno dips. I love spicy food!  But, my brother doesn't. 

(But, my all-time favorite spicy food is pizza...with hot sauce! Yum! Life is better with a little bit of pepper!)

Just like spicy food, your life project will be loved by some people and ignored by many others. If your life project is a book, many people will line up to shake your hands in a bookstore. But, a lot more will just pass by the bookstore. But, that's okay. For the people inside the bookstore, you are the one and only best seller!

You have to find a niche, a small but special group of people, whom you will do your life project for. A small and intimate group of people for whom you are the superstar!

I'm sorry, Spicy Food. You cannot please everyone.



Finally, in order to turn your life project into a thriving business, you need to do it with a purpose. Your life project has to add value to the PEOPLE you are doing it for.

Dean Pax Lapid wrote in his book, How to Turn Passion into Profits, that there are two only ways to add value: solving a problem or entertaining.

How is your life project adding value? Is it solving other people's problems? Is it addressing a need? Or is it entertaining your audience?

Start baking your carrot cake now! Err... start doing your life project now!


PS. I promised to send you a case study of life project starting yesterday. But, I started with the 5 P's you need to do to start your life project so that we have a formula of how we are going to do the case studies. Next Thursday, we are going to have the case study on How Two Science Majors Combined Art and Science to Make Money Online.