Even when you’re tired…

… love.

The disciples had just returned from nearby villages preaching the word, curing the sick, and casting out unclean spirits. Jesus then invited them to go to a deserted place by boat to rest. But, the people came to know about it and hurried to the deserted place on foot. They even arrived to the place before Jesus and His disciples did. That was how desperate they they were for Jesus. And then… 

When [Jesus] disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things. — Mark 6:34

Jesus, like His disciples, must have been exhausted after preaching, curing, and casting out unclean spirits. And yet, Jesus was moved by His love and His pity for the people.

Sometimes, we also get exhausted by the things we do — whether in our ministries, at work, in our homes, and even in helping others.

But the Gospel teaches us today that even when we are tired and exhausted, we must continue to love like Jesus did.

Let us also remind ourselves why and for whom we are doing the things we are doing:

For God. 

For our families. 

For our brothers and sisters from the same family of God.

Love… even when you’re exhausted.