Why you are not bearing fruit

Sometimes, do you also wonder why you are not bearing fruit?

Maybe you are not allowing God to prune you.

“You are already pruned because of the word that I spoke to you.” — John 15:3

Obeying God’s word is not easy. It requires that we follow Him completely. It requires that we die to our sins and selfish desires. Obeying Him is not all rainbows and butterflies especially in today’s materialistic world.

This is why obeying His word is like pruning. By obeying Him and following Him completely, we allow God to take away the parts of our lives that do not bear fruit in this world and, more importantly, in eternity. 

Through pruning, we allow Him to take away what we think we want so He can give us His best.

Many times, I find myself asking God why I am not bearing fruit. Oftentimes, the answer is that I am not allowing Him to prune me.

Allow God to prune you by listening to and obeying His word.

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