5 Sure-fire Steps to Build Your Success

Last Saturday, I attended a webinar on building your mindset. The speaker said that in order to succeed, you need to have a blueprint. Just like engineers and contractors building skyscrapers from the ground up, you need to follow your blueprint unfailingly to build your own success.

Here’s my own blueprint of success:


Step One: You’ve Got to Want It

The first thing you need to do to succeed is you’ve got to “want" success. We all want success, but not everyone wants it bad enough to think about it all day and all night. Not everyone wants it bad enough to inspire them and to propel them into action. You’ve got to be a little bit insane.

The solution is to define your success and write it down. You need to always remind yourself of what you want to happen in your life, why you want to make it happen, when you want it to happen, and how you can make it happen. Then, you read this aloud at least twice a day, when you wake up and before you go to bed. It wouldn’t hurt to shout it to the world more than twice, of course.

Here’s the display on my phone’s lock screen to remind myself of what I’m trying to accomplish each time I open my phone:

(What: To earn P50,000 per month; Why: To sustain myself and my family while I serve full-time in our church; When: December 2014; How: Through Problogging)


Step Two: You’ve Got to Make a Plan for It

Before you even act on your achieving your success, you need to make a plan on how you are going to achieve that success. In step one, you already defined how you are going to do it. Here in step two, you need to create more specific plans of action. 

For example, I am trying to earn P50,000 per month through problogging. But problogging doesn’t only mean writing and publishing your work on a blog. You need to do more specific steps like putting up affiliate offers on your website, advertisements, building your list, creating ebooks and training programs, or even coming up with seminars and events.

You also need to look for mentors who have already done what you are trying to do. Mentors can help you make a plan on how you are going to achieve your success. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and commit the same mistakes. 


Step Three: You’ve Got to Work for It

It’s not enough that you want your success. You also need to work for it.

It’s easy to say, “I’m going to work hard.” But when inspiration doesn’t come, when boredom strikes, when you don’t feel like working, and when distractions fire at you from all cylinders, working becomes so painful. In fact, before I started this article, I dilly-dallied for more than two hours.

Aside from hard work, you also need a tremendous amount of focus and discipline. You have to work even when you don’t feel like working. There are days when you can run towards your success. There are days when you slow down and just walk. But most of the time, all you can do is crawl towards your success. But, the important thing is for you to keep moving.


Step Four: You’ve Got to Build a Team Around It

When you start working towards your success, there will come a time when you cannot do everything on your own. Especially when your dream has become too big. There will come a time when you need additional hands and additional heads to grow your success.

You don’t force building a team. At the start, you really work on your success alone. But there will come a time that in order for your success to grow, you will need skills that you either don’t have or don’t have time to develop. That’s when you start looking for people who can help you with your dreams. But first, you need to define what skills your success needs.


Step Five: You’ve Got to Appreciate Your Progress

Finally, success doesn’t happen overnight. At the end of each day, you will realize that there are still so many things you need to do and steps you have to take to achieve your dreams. You should not feel discouraged. You should not punish yourself for not achieving your dreams overnight. You should not lose heart and give up on your pursuit of success. 

You have to appreciate your progress and celebrate your mini-victories. You have to recognize the hard work you’ve put in for the day. At the end of each day, you have to give yourself a tap on the back and congratulate yourself for a job well done. You have to look around, appreciate what you’ve done, and recharge for tomorrow. After all, tomorrow’s another day to work on your success.


It’s Your Turn

Now, it’s your turn to change the world. Do you have any more steps to add to our blueprint? Share them in the comments below and share them to the world.