A Lesson from Watching Teleseryes: What Kind of Stories Do You Consume?

Now I understand why TV shows, soap operas, and teleseryes are addictive.

After watching an episode of Pangako Sa’yo with my mom, I realized that the producers, directors, crew members, actors, and actresses knew how to tell stories. Or maybe I just have a big crush on Jodi Sta. Maria (a Filipina actress) since I was in grade school.

They do a great job story-telling. Being a blogger, I have been reading (a lot) on how to tell better stories.

While watching, I became emotionally invested in the characters, especially in Jodi. Maybe it’s because she’s a “normal girl” working hard to fulfill her dreams. Maybe deep inside, we’re like Jodi waiting and hoping for the love of our lives to at least notice us. (I still cannot believe I’m publishing this.) Or maybe… I just really have a big crush on her.

But after watching for thirty minutes, I thought to myself, “Now what?”

I still have unchecked items on my to-do list.

My “inspiration” was short-lived. (Or long-lived because I really like Jodi, don’t you?)

And I don’t think I gained new insights on how to make my work, myself, and my life better.

There was great story-telling, but it lacked real-life substance.

Yes, I was able to escape my not-so-miserable reality. But after thirty minutes or so, I had to face it again.

We all love stories. We consume stories. 

But, do the stories we consume have substance?

Do the stories we consume have value?

After watching, hearing, or reading a great story, do we come out better people doing better work?

Does it provide us with lasting lessons and insights we can draw upon when we face real life problems?

We not only consume stories. We tell stories everyday—to our bosses, to our shareholders, to our stakeholders, to our customers, and even to ourselves.

Same questions.

Do the stories we tell have lasting value to others?

Do they have substance?

Whether you like it or not, you have a voice. You have influence. You have a story to tell. But, it's up to you to decide what kind of story you will tell. (And the kind of story you will tell is largely dependent on the kind of stories you consume. Be careful.)


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