A Lot Less Noise

Millions of blogs published, some just repeating what has been said before, not even adding anything to it, not even adding their own flavor or insight. Noise. 

Millions, probably billions of companies, offering the same, boring products because they are trying to get to everyone, to the masses. The result: unremarkable, undifferentiated products created. Noise. 

Millions of ideas tempered down just to please everyone resulting to safe, unoriginal, and (somewhat) uninspiring ideas. Noise. 

People and companies have become obsessed with profit. And who else to target than the majority?

The problem with what the majority or the masses want is that someone else is already serving them. Someone else already created a remarkable solution for them. Then, other people copy that someone and offer the same, unimaginative solution to the same majority of people. There are more solutions and more options to choose from. But, they are all essentially the same. They all becomes noise. (Think about soaps, TV programs, news channels, and almost everything targeted to the masses. They all look and feel the same. Whatever gimmick they employ, they are still boring.)

But the people and companies focused on innovation (in the real sense of the word), they are the ones who are going for the edges. They are the ones taking risks. They are the ones doing things differently. It doesn't matter to them whether the majority doesn't like them or not. They don't even care whether anyone would accept what they create or not. What matters most is that they create something new, something inspiring, something exciting (at least to them), and not tempered down just to please everyone. 

They are the ones who target the select few, mostly people like them: bold, innovative, imaginative, inspiring, and not afraid to take risks. And they are the ones change businesses and industries. They are the ones that truly change the world.

They don't simply create noise for everyone else to hear. They create wonderful music that only a few can hear and appreciate. Wouldn't it be better if there were a lot less noise and more music? Wouldn't that be remarkable?