... is probably the most overused and most cliché of words.

Still, it is one of the hardest things to do. 

It's hard to accept it when you just don't have the passion for the work that you do, but it is the one thing you're really good at. Or vice versa.

It's hard to accept it when you need to let people go and allow them to spread their wings and soar like eagles. Maybe you have been holding onto them for too long already.

It's hard to accept it when you know the better thing to do, but the good thing is easier and more comfortable. It's not usually a choice between good and bad. It's usually about a choice between good and better.

Acceptance means being committed to one thing and letting go of the other. And letting go is what makes acceptance even more difficult to do, especially when you have to let go of something good for something better.

But when you finally learn to accept some things in your life, to be committed to one thing, and to let go of the other, life becomes simpler, easier, more wonderful, and more divine.