Are You Sleepwalking Through Life?

Are you fully conscious in living your life? Or are you only half-awake?

Are you fully aware of what's happening in every moment? Or are you just letting the moments pass you by?

Are you in control of your thoughts, actions, decisions, and even your whole life? Or are you just going where the tide takes you?

We like talking about going into deep sleep. But, have you ever wondered how it is like to go deeper into your consciousness? Have you ever wondered how it is like to be fully awake, to be fully in control of your thoughts, actions, decisions, and your whole life?

Or are you too busy letting the world dictate what you should do, how you should feel, what you should think, and how you should live your life? Not being conscious with your actions (or being too busy for the sake of being busy) is the same as sleepwalking. You move, but you are not awake. You are not aware. You are not truly living.

Right now, more and more people are becoming more conscious. The industrial age has long been gone. The knowledge age has long started. The old system no longer works. More and more people are quitting their jobs. Why? Because they are looking for meaning. They are looking for purpose. They can no longer bear to work in an assembly line, not just because they have a hard time looking for meaning being a cog in the wheel, but because they know they can build better and more meaningful assembly lines and wheels.

You can call these people entitled or whatever you want. But, it's better to call them as conscious and fully awake. They are the future and we are holding them back by saying bad things about them.

And yes, you're probably one of them, too. No, there's nothing wrong with you. You're just being swept in a current called change and many people are resisting that change--most of them sleepwalking through life. After all, they were part of the old system. To survive in the old system, you have to shut down your consciousness and sleepwalk. You can't blame them as well.

But, the important thing is what is, right now. There are more and more opportunities to live and to do work while being fully awake. You just have to look for those opportunities. Better yet, you can create them.