Are You Toxic to be Around?

If I'm going to have a theme for the past two weeks, it's going to be about people-pleasing. Last week, I was talking with a friend about how I tried entering into a relationship for the wrong reason. It wasn't about love. It was about needing constant approval from the other person. Last Monday, I wrote about living the life others expect you to. And last night, I read about needing constant validation being a toxic behavior:

"People who constantly strive for validation by others are exhausting to be around. Those men and women who get caught up in the need to prove their worth over and over and over, and constantly want to win over everyone around them, are unintentionally toxic and draining.  Know this.  Over-attaching to how things have to look to others can wear you out and bring everyone else around you down.  There is a bigger picture to your life, and it’s not about what you achieve in the eyes of the masses.  It’s about the journey, the process, the path – what you’re learning, how you’re helping others learn too, and the growing process you allow yourself to participate in."


Article: 12 Toxic Behaviors that Push People Away from You by Marc Chernoff