Balance and Compromise

Balance is not compromise. Far from it. 

It's tempting to think that in order to excel in one area of your life, you have to make compromises in another. 

The most usual (and obvious) is spending more time at work and less with the family thinking that more time at work leads to success. Then, the family suffers. 

On the other hand, spending more time with the family sometimes becomes an excuse, a form of hiding. Some who struggle in their careers (myself included) say, "At least I have time for my family," or "At least I have balance in my life."

It doesn't have to be that way. Balance doesn't mean you have to make compromises. 

You can do work that matters without working overtime. How? By not being a cog in a wheel. By being indispensable. By making choices in the work place. By simply making a choice. After working for five years, I realized that most overtimes are caused by peer pressure and inefficiencies (in the group or in the system).

You always have a choice. Are you simply going to be part of the system? Or are you going to change it?

You can excel in all areas of your life all at the same time—work, family, relationships, health, recreation, service, and spiritual. It is possible. But, you have to make the choice of making the most of your time. And yes, it's not easy... at first. 

All areas of your life are interconnected. Each area is a part of a whole—that's you. It's tempting to think that family problems will never affect your work. You just have to be professinal about it. But, eventually, it will catch up with you because you will not get the physical and emotional rest you need for you work when you're at home. The effect of poor health is obvious. When your health suffers, so does every other area of your life. 

Make the choice to live a balanced life, not a life full of compromises.  


P.S. My struggle with meaning at work is catching up with me. And it's affecting my health (through stress-eating) and all other areas of my life, especially my relationships. Please pray for me.