Band-aid Solution

It works. It stops the bleeding (for small wounds at least).

But, it doesn't solve the real problem. It's a temporary solution.

Just like what we usually do at work and in our lives. After all, permanent solutions usually take a lot of effort (and sometimes, some amount of risk).

Frustrated at work? Suck it up and wait for the next payday to relieve the pain. It's a band-aid. The permanent solution: do work that matters—build a business, start a non-profit, shift to a career you love, or create art. But, the permanent solution takes time and it might not work at all.

Hungry for food? Order fast-food. (Ouch! I love fast-food, especially cheeseburger... and pizza. Ah, pizza.) It's a temporary solution. It's delicious, at least for me, and it's convenient. But, you already know the consequences. The permanent solution: prepare your own (healthy) meal. But, it takes a lot of time and effort.

Hungry for love? Search for love in the wrong places. The wrong places are everywhere. They're not hard to find. Search for it in material things, in achievements, from other people, and (in my case) in pornography. Yes, I'll be vulnerable here. I was addicted to pornography for more than a decade. But, it's a band-aid. It's a temporary solution. It doesn't last. You will end up using more band-aids. Only God and a healthy amount of self-love (not selfish love) can fill your hunger for love. Love yourself as you are. Not based on any achievements. Without any conditions. It's the only permanent solution. Coming from me, it's not as believable, but forgive yourself.

Even in our daily tasks, we love to use band-aid. It hides the real problem as long as it pleases our bosses and stakeholders now. But, we will all suffer in the future. That's how most corporations and businesses are run right now. We use the band-aid of profit. Profit solves all our problems. No, profit hides all our problems. Now, the environment is suffering. Employee engagement is getting worse and worse. It's increasingly becoming difficult to find meaning at work. Because of the band-aid of profit—the company's profit and our own individual profit. Now, we're paying the price by delaying a permanent solution. Are we in the point where our problems are now irreversible? I would like to think not. But, it will require even more from us now.

Only permanent solutions work. Only permanent solutions are lasting solutions. But, they take a lot of courage and commitment. It's difficult (and painful) to choose the permanent solutions. But, they're worth it. Choose wisely.


[31 Day Challenge Update] Score: Red. But, I think I'm getting there. I'm waking up earlier. But, not at 4:30 AM and not within my 30-minute grace period. But, I'm getting there. :-)