Between the Conflict and the Resolution

Between the beginning and the end. 

Between the base and the summit. 

Between the trial and the triumph. 

Between the struggle and the success. 

It's not the failing. 

It's the waiting. 

It is during the waiting when an ordinary villager from a small town becomes a hero. 

It is during the waiting when a story becomes an epic. 

It is during the waiting when a success-in-the-making develops character and habits (and patience). 

But, waiting is not being passive. Waiting is acting despite the uncertainty of the outcome. Waiting is walking by faith. Waiting is moving forward with courage despite not knowing exactly how the story will unfold.

The people who stop acting, who stop moving forward, who remain in the tiny, but comfortable village are the minor characters in an epic story who don't get to do much and continue living limited lives (and playing limited roles). You're not a minor character, unless you choose to be one in your own story. It's your choice.

Embrace the waiting and the uncertainty. But, keep a positive attitude. Most importantly, keep moving forward... while you're waiting and unsure. Your story is about to unfold.