Calming Presence

It’s our dog’s first birthday today! Happy birthday, Olaf! We love you!

Three weeks ago, we took him to a pet clinic to have him groomed. It was his first time to be groomed. 

While he was being groomed, other dog owners brought their dogs to the clinic. 

While the other dogs were uneasy, running around their cages, and barking, Olaf was just "chill." 

He was calm while waiting to be groomed and while being groomed.

Maybe it was because I was there. He kept looking at me. Whenever I felt he didn't like what the "groomer" was doing, Olaf would just look at me and I would wave at him. Then, he would be calm again. 

While the other owners left their dogs for a while, I didn't want to leave Olaf because I wanted him to see me whenever he felt uneasy and stressed. I'd like to think that my presence was enough for him to be calm. 

Right now, maybe you're doing things for the first time. Maybe you're experiencing something new. While the experience is important, it may not be pleasant. It may even be stressful for you. 

But, just remember, God is watching you. He's smiling while you're being "groomed." He won't leave you even for a bit. Even when you can't see Him, rest assured that He's just there watching you. 

Stay calm. He is there. He will never leave you.