Can We Slow Down for a While?

We have been rushing too much to achieve our goals and dreams.

We have been pushing ourselves too hard that we're already at the brink of burning out.

We have been putting ourselves to too much pressure.

Sometimes, it's nice to slow down every once in a while or to stop completely.

Three things:

  1. It's nice to slow down every once in a while or to stop completely to appreciate where we are right now. Let's try to be more grateful and present in the moment. Let's try to be more aware and engaged in the now.
  2. It's always nice to have goals and dreams for the future. But, we have to ask ourselves, "What for?" Are we still pursuing them out of purpose or out of pride? Let's simplify our lives. At the end of the day, all that matters is love.
  3. After taking a short break, let's keep going. But, this time, let's pace ourselves and enjoy the ride. The fun is in the journey.