Have you had that one realization that suddenly changed the course of your life? Or at least changed the way you see things once and for all?

It’s like that feeling as if something clicked. After that, everything seems to go smoothly.

A friend of mine who’s a programmer shared with me his experience in programming. While he was troubleshooting bugs in an application, he couldn’t find the particular code that was causing the problem. He rested a bit and, suddenly, something clicked in his mind. He was able to find the bug in about a minute and fixed it. Afterwards, the application was running perfectly.

In a game of basketball, when a team finally clicks, everyone suddenly feels he won’t make any mistake. Everyone enters the zone. Everyone in the team begins firing on all cylinders.

Maybe it’s something big such as a realization that changes the course of your life or something as simple as getting together as a team in a game of basketball. But, when something clicks, everything seems to flow smoothly from that moment forward.

During the past three weeks that I was on hiatus, something clicked inside of me that changed the way I see things. It was the biggest lesson I learned during my hiatus.

While I was praying one morning, I felt as if God asked me, “Is the job you’re praying for more important than Me?”

That was the time when I wasn’t able to guard my heart (Proverbs 4:23) from all the refusals I got when I was looking for work online. I felt really discouraged. I lost a little bit of faith in myself, in my dreams, and in my God. Worse, I stopped applying and looking for work for three weeks as well. I complained against God.

But, then, I had that realization. When I still hadn’t left my day job, I always prayed that God was enough for me. But, when the trials and challenges came, I didn’t act as such. I acted as if the things I was praying for were more important than God.

After that, I apologized to God and began picking myself up. It took me a while, but I finally got up. When I did, I never let go of that lesson. I never complained again against God. I just thanked Him for whatever opportunities I had. I thanked Him for my challenges. I did my best to make Him feel that He’s more important to me than anything I’m praying for. 

I still had moments when I felt discouraged. But, I no longer complained or grew angry with God. I just trusted Him that there was always a lesson I needed to learn.

Everything clicked after that. The company I applied as a full-time writer in finally replied. I’ll be having my interview tomorrow (please pray for me). I also got back to blogging and I have the best plans for my blog yet. I learned so many things (such as developing your hard skills) which prove to be instrumental in my career as a freelancer and as a blogger. Right now, I’m so excited for what tomorrow brings while I focus on today.

Loving God above everything I’m praying for is the lesson that made everything click.

How about you? Was there any one big realization you recently had that everything just clicked after having that? Are you showing God that you love Him above everything else you’re praying for?