Different Forms of Hiding

When you're always waiting for the perfect time, you never take action. It's a form of hiding.

When you're feeling discouraged (and stay discouraged for a long time), you don't move forward. It's a form of hiding. 

When you're making excuses, you don't take responsibility. It's a form of hiding. 

When you're being lazy, you don't go anywhere. It's a form of hiding. 

When you judge or criticize, you don't take the effort to understand. It's also being lazy. It's a form of hiding.

When you don't work without the recognition or compensation, you will not do the thankless job or the dirty work. It's a form of hiding. 

When you don't take action when things are not guaranteed to work, to succeed, you are hiding. 

When you're always paralyzed by fear, you are hiding. 

When you always let others make decisions for you, you are hiding.

When you are hiding, you don't do work that matters. You don't live fully. You don't grow. You don't become the person you know you are meant to be. Most of all, you rob us of your gift—the gift that only you can give.

Step out and stop hiding. The uncertainty will always be there. You still have to do what you have to do. Only you can create what you were meant to create. Give us your art.


[31 Day Challenge Update] I woke up at 4:30 AM, but I got up at 4:54 AM. Score: Yellow. Available yellow scores: three. This looks like trouble. Still, Day 2 of 31: Complete!