Distracted by Good Things

"You got so many things going on for you." Isn't it always nice to hear from someone else?

We love it when so many things are happening in our lives at the same time.

But sometimes (in my case, most of the time), we lose sight of the things that bring in or would bring in most of the results. Oftentimes, the things we lose sight of are those that take some time to build. We only focus on the things we need to deliver today and those that bring in immediate though insignificant results.

We get distracted not so much by the negative things. We get distracted by good things when what we are trying to achieve are great things.

Bringing man to the moon took a decade of planning and execution. Nonetheless, people committed to and focused on it day in and day out. It would have taken longer if they got distracted and lost their focus with every milestone achieved.

How about you? Are there long-term, high-impact projects you need to work on, but you often get distracted by your daily, low-impact tasks?

Shift your focus to the things that truly matter. Chances are you already know what they are.