Do less fluff

Last Tuesday, I finally finished the redesign of my blog and my newsletters. I felt overjoyed that I finally finished the redesign which I had been working on for months!

But, when the excitement finally faded, I was back to reality.

People are not going to visit my blog to look at the design—no matter how friendly the colors I used are. They are going to visit my blog everyday because of the content and how helpful the content is to them.

Yes, design is very important. But, at the end of the day, the design is just fluff. At the heart of what I do is content—and I hadn’t been paying much attention to it when I was redesigning.

Don’t lose sight of the things that truly matter. Focus on what gives you the best results. Focus on what’s important and spend more time on them.

How about you? What gives you the best result? What are the fluff or the distractions that take some of your time away from doing what’s really important?

Focus on what's truly important.