Don't Get Stuck in Success; Celebrate Your Success and then Move on

We already know we have to move on from our failures. But, we also have to move on from our successes.

Yesterday's launch of our first free guide was a huge success! I know 170+ site visits is still not that much for other bloggers, but it was the first time my blog even passed the 70 site visits mark. For me, it was a huge step in the right direction. Thank you for making it possible. 

And I want to thank everyone who supported me and encouraged me one way or another, everyone who helped me spread the word about this blog, and, finally, you...for reading my blog.

Going back to yesterday's success, I was filled with excitement from the moment I hit the "Publish" button to officially launch the free guide. After launching the free guide, I logged into Facebook every ten minutes and basked in the "congratulations" and well-wishes of family and friends.

It was an amazing feeling and I loved every moment of it. But when night came, I realized I still didn't have an article for today!

Even when the people were no longer congratulating me, I still found myself logging in to Facebook every ten minutes and waiting for people to congratulate me, like my posts, and share them instead of writing an article. I had a "success hangover" and got stuck in success. 

We do not only get stuck in our failures. We also get stuck in our past successes and achievements. We think that they are an automatic guarantee for us to succeed in the future. Then, we no longer work hard and we no longer strive to grow. 

We have to remember that our past successes and achievements are... well... all in the past. They are done. They are history. Our future will depend on what we will do today, not what we did yesterday.

I'm not saying you should suppress your feelings, be a kill joy, and not celebrate your success. You should celebrate! You should feel and enjoy every moment of your success! You should even celebrate your mini-successes!

But afterwards, you should move on. You should work hard again and work better. You should leave your success behind, move forward again, and keep on growing.

Besides, as great as your past successes were, the best is yet to come.