Don’t Lose Momentum

Note to self:

Just because it’s a weekend doesn’t mean you can stop doing work that matters. It doesn’t work that way. You are doing work that matters, but it is not “work.”

It is not “work” that you do only on weekdays.

It is not “work” that you do only from eight to five.

It is not “work” that you dread doing.

This is your purpose. This is your creation. This is your gift to the world. This is your art. Art that you do everyday with fire and excitement.

So, keep doing it. You love doing it anyway. Don’t lose your momentum.


[31 Day Challenge Update] Sadly, I’m starting all over again tomorrow because I woke up at 4:30 AM, but I got up at 6:30 AM. Score: Red. I was out last night until 2 AM. But, that’s no excuse. I just have to do better (and sleep earlier). I always have a choice. It’s a good thing that there was still a third mass from 7:30 to 8 AM this morning. This challenge is fun. But, I hope I don’t spam you with updates forever.