Don’t Wait for Inspiration, Look for It

Time wasted, one hour. Words written, zero.

There are just some days when I can’t think of anything to write. I wait for inspiration, but it just doesn’t come to me. So, I just stare at my computer screen for more than an hour.

We keep on waiting for inspiration to come — when writing, when working, when coming up with a new business, or in anything we do.

But today, I realized that inspiration doesn’t come to us that way. It doesn’t come to us by waiting. We have to look for it.

We have to get out of our houses, travel, and meet new people. We have to attend seminars and expose ourselves to great minds and great people.

But we can also look for inspiration no matter where we are. Even in our own rooms. We can read books, read the bible, pray, follow blogs that will challenge you, read about great people, or try a new hobby. Just do something!

Are you feeling uninspired in life? Don’t just wait for something to happen. Do something. Look for inspiration. 

Take action.