Don't Worry, You're Not the Only One Struggling in This Life

Scrolling down my Facebook news feed everyday (or every hour), I feel like everyone is always happy. And I say, always! Every day, it seems like someone achieved something or did something fun! I'm happy for him or her. I really am!

But somehow, it creates an illusion that every one is really always happy. It seems like no one goes through trials, challenges, and struggles anymore. Then, I ask myself, "Why am I the only one struggling?"

With the superficial, always-happy-always-successful lives people post on their timelines, it has become easier for us to be insecure. And we begin to see struggles as purely negative. We no longer see the importance of the darker days of our lives, when we learn to be hopeful, to be faithful, to be thankful, to be tenacious, to be relentless, and to never give up.

Do you feel as if you're the only one struggling in this life? You're not alone. We all are. We just don't post our struggles on Facebook as much as we post our successes.

Know that God has a purpose for creating the night. It's for us to appreciate the day, for us to have faith in tomorrow, for us to hope that the sun will rise, for us to be strong, and for us to know that no matter how dark the night is, a bright morning always follows.