Giving Your Best Versus Playing to Win

Giving your best may not always be the best advice we can give to others.

Giving your best means giving your 100%.

But, what if your 100% is not enough?

More than a decade ago, a friend whom I couldn’t beat in basketball told me, “Don’t just give your best. Play to win. Because when you play to win, you will give more than what is required to winthis usually exceeds your 100%.”

That lesson stuck with me until now.

When I think about it, you also don’t grow by giving your 100%. You don’t stretch yourself by giving your 100%. You don’t improve by giving your 100%.

You grow, you stretch yourself, and you improve by giving more than your best. You grow by giving your 120%. Then, when your 120% becomes your new 100%, stretch yourself further by giving another 120%.

Last Saturday, another friend told me, “Exceed yourself.”

“Play to win” and “Exceed Yourself.” Maybe those are two of the best pieces of advice we can give to others. How thankful I am to have friends who push me.