Growing Pains

They’re part of the process. There can be no growth without pain.

It’s much easier to just give up and avoid the pain. But, that also means avoiding the growth.

Looking for a job is painful. Whenever you are refused by a company, it makes you feel you’re “not enough.” But, without risking getting hurt or feeling “not enough,” you can never land the job you want.

Starting a business is painful. The uncertainty whether it will succeed or not can eat you up and drain you physically and emotionally. Still, without risking failure, you cannot risk success. Embrace the uncertainty instead. After all, the uncertainty is what makes the process more exciting.

I thought building a blog meant simply writing and publishing your post. I didn’t expect that you still had to share each of your post on social media to reach more readers. It’s uncomfortable. It also takes a lot of work. It’s painful. But, without the pain, there can be no growth.

Are you struggling right now? Are you experiencing growing pains? Don’t run away from it. Don’t run away from the possibility of growing and of being stretched.