Here's How to Have More Fun Everyday

Because it's Saturday, my post is centered on "fun."

But, how do you have more fun? Do you watch more funny movies or funny clips? Do you have to play more or spend more time being silly? Is there a secret to having more fun?

It really doesn't matter what you do. The important thing is to completely immerse yourself in the moment. Be present physically and emotionally wherever you are or whatever you do. Even work can be fun if you just focus all your effort and attention there. Besides, there's joy in giving yourself a pat on the back and saying, "I did a heck-of-a-job!"

Fun is not something you “have,” it’s something you generate. More fun and enjoyment in life are results of greater presence and intention to create fun and joy in all you do.
Here’s how to have more fun: Tell yourself, “It is my intention to be present and have fun in this moment.” Most great fun in life comes from an immersion in the moment. In immersion joy arises. In immersion humor can perpetuate. In immersion in the moment and presence in the Now you have access to a greater level of energy and awareness all around you that you can transform into fun. 


Watch the video and read the full blog post here: How to Have More Fun by Brendon Burchard