"How are you?"

It's a question you often ask others. But, how often do you ask yourself this question?

Are you still okay with the work you are doing? Are you still happy with the work you are doing? 

Is your health still okay?

Are you still able to give quality time to your family?

Are you still learning? Are you still growing? Are you still developing as an employee, as an entrepreneur, as an artist, as a person?

Believe it or not, every area of of your life is important in doing great work, in doing work that matters. You cannot really separate your work from your personal life. 

Every area of your life is a part of the same whole—that's you. When you have a problem in one area of your life, all the others will eventually suffer. 

When you're not healthy, you cannot do your work effectively. That's obvious. When you're spiritually dry, it's difficult to be inspired and create works of art. Yes, you have to be professional and still deliver. But, the extra ingredient will not be there. 

Give yourself some time to think about it today. How are you?


P.S. The next question you need to ask yourself: "Is there something I need to change?"