How to Make the Story of Your Life an Epic Adventure

I grew up playing Final Fantasy games.

From Final Fantasy I through VI, the stories were usually about knights, mages, and crystals. But, they had different twists and turns which made each game compelling to play. 

Right now, I'm playing Final Fantasy IV again on my brother's Playstation Vita. It's one of my all-time favorite games because of its story and how Cecil, the main protagonist, transformed from a Dark Knight to a Paladin or a Holy Knight. In fact, Cecil was my inspiration for my creative shot for my college graduation picture five years ago!

Image Source:  Final Fantasy Wikia ; Copyright and All Rights belong to Square Enix

Image Source: Final Fantasy Wikia; Copyright and All Rights belong to Square Enix

Please excuse my craziness. I was young and foolish.

Please excuse my craziness. I was young and foolish.

In this day and age, epic adventures are usually found only in novels, movies, and video games.

There are no more sword fights, conquests, and, not surprisingly, magic spells. (Sadly, there are still wars and battles in this era of peace.)

But out there, there are still a few people who live their lives like adventures! 

Maybe their stories are not as mystical as our favorite heroes or heroines, but theirs are still as epic nonetheless. 

You can read or hear stories of people doing remarkable things like people who are on a quest to climb the highest mountains in the world. 

You can read or hear stories of people doing things you can only dream about currently like people who are on a mission (or have completed the mission) of traveling to every country in the world. 

You can read or hear stories about people making the world a better place like someone who is building communities for the poorest of the poor and giving them hope. 

Although they are very few compared to the majority, they show us that the stories of our lives can still be like epic adventures!

Do you want to learn how?

It's really simple. 

If you want your story to be like an epic adventure, you have to live your life like an epic adventure!

You have to get out of your hometown — your comfort zone. I have yet to play a game where the main character didn't leave his hometown. The adventure is out there, not in your hometown!

Don't live your life simply aspiring for a bigger cubicle. It's still a cubicle! Get out of your cubicle and into the world!

Take more chances. Take more risks! A predictable story is a boring one. There's fun in living your life with a little bit of uncertainty. 

Live the life you want! You don't need permission to do so. 

But, if you have responsibilities (ahem, kids, ahem), take small steps to live the life you want. You'll get there eventually. 

Lastly, the best adventures are those of heroes and heroines who have worlds to save, people to help, and causes to pursue. They go beyond the adventures and beyond themselves. They make a difference in the lives of others and in the world. 

How about you? Are you living your life like an epic adventure? Go out into the world, get lost, take more chances, and make a difference no matter where your path leads you.