It’s not possible…

… until someone makes it possible.

Going to the moon wasn’t possible until Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins did it that one fateful day in 1969.

Man flying like birds wasn’t possible until the Wright brothers made it possible.

The widespread sharing of ideas wasn’t possible until the printing press was invented by the Chinese and introduced to the West by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1440s.

Travelling faster than the speed of sound wasn’t possible until Chuck Yeager broke through the sound barrier in 1947. Since then, aircrafts are routinely made to break through the sound barrier.

Nothing was possible until someone made it possible.

What’s your impossible dream? 

Is it building a business?

Is it getting promoted?

Is it making the world a better place (or even making someone else’s life better)?

It’s impossible until you make it possible.

And you can! You just have to decide to make it happen and then take action. Everything started as impossible.