Let Your Mind and Body Rest

Congratulations! Another work week has passed. Were you able to make the most of your week?

At least once a week, allow your mind and body to rest. Set a specific day of the week to recharge.

My rest day is Saturday. It's the day of the week when I try my best not to do any work and disconnect from the online world. By doing so, my mind is able to rest from all the worries, all the anxieties, and all the seemingly urgent requests of my time—both online and offline. Logging in to Facebook or Twitter has that effect on me. Everything seems to happen so fast and real-time! I really make an effort to slow things down in my life.

I also try my best to stay at home and sleep whenever I want to. That way, my body can recover.

But, resting is not really about doing nothing. It is about doing things that recharge you. You have to fill up the time you save with meaningful activities.

Every Saturday, I try my best to read a book instead of watching TV. Reading about great and grand ideas fires me up! It allows my mind not only to rest, but also to get excited and think of new ideas for my blog, for my work, and for my life.

Because I'm (still) employed, I cannot exercise regularly. So, I also do some light exercises or play basketball on Saturdays. I also try to eat only fruits and vegetables during weekends because I still couldn't resist eating meat at the office on weekdays.

I also spend more time with my family and closest friends.

Finally, before a new week starts, I prepare my weekly goals and start working a little bit to gain some momentum coming into the new week. I don't want to just be warming up on Mondays. I want to be at full-speed already!

How about you? When is your rest day? What do you do on your rest day?