Living in a Bubble

Have you ever wondered that while you're living in your own world, other people might be living in their own separate worlds?

That while we're all moving in one and the same world, we live in our own separate bubbles—wherein we are at the center of each of our own bubbles?

That girl beside you looking out the window inside the airplane. The college student just across the street. That little boy enjoying himself on the beach without any care about the people around him.

Maybe we do live in our own bubble or maybe we don't. (Most of the time, we live as if there is.)

But regardless of whether we live in our own bubbles or not, there is still a single world we live in.

One that is affected (for better or for worse) by the choices we make in each of our own bubbles.

When we live a little too selfishly, we fail to see beyond our own bubbles. We fail to see what the world sorely needs—solutions not only for problems inside our own bubbles, but also for those beyond such as solutions to poverty, to climate change, to famine, and to the gross inequality to the distribution of wealth.

Our bubbles can be quite limiting of our own views.

Maybe, we have to finally step out of our bubbles (in case there really are bubbles). After all, we are still interconnected.