Looking Through God's Eyes: The People in the Parking Area

Every Sunday, I take a break from writing about WorkLife, and Changing the World. Instead, I write about my imperfect understanding of God’s perfect love as my personal mission to spread His word and His love and to make a difference. You can read more Mission posts here.

The young professional with his shirt all ironed out and properly tucked in. He seemed eager to show the world what he's got.

The older professional with his happy eyes. You could feel that he was excited to go to work to provide for his son and his wife waiting at home.

The executive coming down from his cool, black SUV. It seemed like a just routine for him.

The man who was standing outside his car. He had been standing there for ten minutes now finishing his stick of cigarette. It seemed like he was just stalling and didn't really want to go to work.

Finally, the construction worker simply passing through the parking area. He seemed happy, yet you can sense a bit of sadness as he kept looking at the cars all around him.

Obviously, I love observing people. Sometimes, I cannot avoid judging them. (I'm really sorry. I really try my best not to.)

But that day, when I tried looking at them with love, I felt a deep sense of happiness as I felt that God was with them and He loved all of them equally.

God was excited for the young professional. God was proud of the good provider. God had been with the executive all these years.

I also felt some pain. God wanted to embrace the man who didn't want to go to work. He wanted to comfort him and help him find purpose in what he does. God was walking with the construction worker encouraging him and whispering to him, "Someday..."

I guess when we look at other people not through our selfish, judgmental, envious, and insecure eyes but through God's loving eyes, we can learn to love them and share in their happiness... and in their pain.

Perhaps, we can also begin to see ourselves through His eyes, feel His love for each of us, and understand that He is always with us as He was with the people in the parking area.


"Do not fear: I am with you; do not be anxious: I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand." — Isaiah 41:10