Losing Our Sense of Community

Syrian refugees are all over my news feed. So, I pray. Then, after saying a short prayer for them, I scroll down.

But then, I ask myself, "Is this all I can do for them?"

Honestly, it hurts when I think that all I can do is pray for them and write about them to spread the word. I cannot even make a simple donation for them.

The mistake we all make is that we think that someone else, especially someone in position, will help them. We depend on those in power to help them. After all, they are in a better position to help them. But, that doesn't mean we should just stand here and wait for them to take action.

A few months from now, I'm afraid I won't even remember them like how I've forgotten this little girl. They may simply become part of my news feed.

We have lost our sense of community. Just because they are thousands of miles away doesn't mean it will never affect us. It does and it will—one way or another, one time or another. We are all interconnected. 

We also have lost our sense of community in the sense that we no longer feel for others like family. We are too caught up in our businesses and our own worlds. We have forgotten to care. We have become callous because of our own daily (but usually petty) problems. 

To be honest, I, myself, don't know where this blog post is going. It doesn't have any action steps. I don't have answers. I don't know how I can help a single Syrian refugee. I don't know how I can prevent a single Syrian refugee from drowning. I don't know how I can help save a single child's life. I need answers.

This blog post may simply be a rant. I really don't know. But, I hope I never forget this feeling. So when I can finally help, I will do so. No matter what it takes. Someday. One day for sure. 

If you have the power, the ability, and the resources to do so, what are you waiting for? Make something happen.