Going to the office and doing just enough. 

Playing sports and not giving it your all. 

Attending church but not putting the lessons to heart—which requires leaving everything behind to follow God. 

Building a business that is generic. 

Creating art that doesn't fully express who you are. 

Always playing it safe and not taking a stand. 

Living life but not taking risks and not going for the edges. 

As long as you are not giving it your all, you are not fully living, you are not fully loving, you are not expressing yourself, you are not taking chances, you are holding back, and you have something more to give, you are lukewarm in living your life. 

Average is the saddest way to live your life. Because you can always do more. You are meant to do more. You were not made to be average, to live lukewarm. 


[31 Day Challenge Update] I got home at 2:30 AM. I know. Excuses again. But, I will definitely start again tomorrow. I really want this, but I'm not showing it through action. Still, the desire and hunger to wake up early and to be more productive is there. I won't give up!