Meet New People More Often

… because there is something we can learn from everyone.

Meeting new people can expand our perspectives and widen our horizon.

I started blogging because someone told me to try blogging out. I never looked back ever since.

One of my favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau, was helped by another A-List blogger, J.D. Roth, when he was starting out.

Brother Bo Sanchez had Sister Aida who believed that, one day, he would preach the word of God.

We get too caught up in our own little world that our perspective become too limited. Sometimes, even our perspective of ourselves become limited. We need other people to help us see things in a different light, in a different angle. Even ourselves.

We need to meet new people more often.

There is also what we call the “strength of weak ties.” It is from Mark Granovetter’s influential research. He said that it is through our weak ties, our acquaintances, the people who move in different circles than we do, whom we can get connected to people not within our reach. After all, our strong ties move in the same circles as we do.

Our weak ties are also those who are more likely to help us out and connect us with the people we need to move our dreams.

But, we don’t meet people because we have our agenda. We don't meet people because it is beneficial for us (even though it really is).

We meet people simply because we want to, because we want to engage, because we want to learn from them, and because we want to be fascinated by their lives and their stories.

We should never lose our fascination with other people.

We should remain curious about them and interested in them.

Besides, no one has ever succeeded alone. Someone, somewhere and someway, has helped the successful person make that important connection or get that break.

Make meeting new people a part of your schedule. No, make it a part of your life.