Not All of An Artist’s Songs Become Mainstream

Let alone become part of the Billboard Top 100.

Not even my favorite artist, Jason Mraz, could do it. There are songs in his latest album that didn't become mainstream. (Or maybe mainstream is already a thing of the past in this age of niches and self-publishing?)

Not all of a movie actor’s or actress’s movies become blockbusters, no matter how popular he or she is at the moment.

Not all blog posts or videos become viral, no matter how big of a personality the person who created it is.

Not all books of a bestselling author automatically become bestsellers.

So, don’t expect your work to be perfect or be well-received all the time.

No matter how hard you try or how long you keep at it, there will still be times when you will create something far from perfect which will not be well-received.

But, that’s okay. 

Not all my writings make it to the blog either and not all my blog posts get well-received.

The important thing is we keep persevering, keep doing the right thing, and keep giving it our all.

It may not always turn out to be great. 

But, drip by drip, little by little, we are making something great—a great album, a great collection of movies, a great series of blog posts or videos, and a great library of books.

No matter how other people receive it, keep at it!