Now What?

Have you ever gotten that feeling that after a long, busy day at work, you still feel unaccomplished?

You've done all that you can and given it your all, yet you still feel unfulfilled?

At the end of the day, maybe you're tired and spent, but for what?

More importantly, now what?

I have been feeling that way for the past few weeks and I think I finally figured out why:

I've been spending all my time and effort on my easiest tasks. 

Day after day, I write a blog post. Week after week, I write a practical guide for my annual subscribers and and draft an email for my free subscribers. In between blog posts, I take courses about making a better blog. 

But, I realized that I haven't been putting so much effort on and giving so much time to projects that are remarkable and have more lasting impact like writing a manifesto that can spread, a book that can build my credibility, or freelancing that can help me walk the talk. 

I've been checking off the easiest tasks on my to-do list. But, at the end of each day, the most important items are left unchecked. 

Maybe it's time we change our strategy. Instead of prioritizing the easiest tasks on our to-do list, why not prioritize the most difficult ones? The ones that can make more impact? The ones that are remarkable? The ones that can move our lives forward?

Don't get me wrong. The easiest tasks are important in building momentum. But, doing them first every single day and having less time or no time at all for our most important projects can leave us asking, "Now what?"

It's not enough just being busy. We have go be busy doing the right things. Oftentimes, they are not the easiest things to do.