Obsessed with Analytics

In this world obsessed with data and analytics, most of the time, we let our intuition, emotions, aesthetics, and even helpfulness take a backseat.

Why don't we stop listening to the noise around us (the reports, the data, the analyses, the forecasts, and the plans) once in a while and decide to create what truly matters—based on what truly matters—to us and to others?

Data and analytics aside, what is it that you really want to create? What is it that you really want to contribute to the world? What is the art you truly want to create?

Besides, more often than not, what people follow is authenticity. And the data, the figures, and the analytics follow the people.

Take it from Teal Organizations—organizations that operate on a higher level of consciousness and soul than most organizations today: 

“In a strange paradox, Teal Organizations go about filling a need of the world not by tuning in to the noise of the world (the surveys, the focus groups, the customer segmentation), but by listening within. What product would we be really proud of? What product would fill a genuine need in the world? These are the kinds of questions people turn to in Teal Organizations to define new products. It’s a process guided by beauty and intuition more than analytics.” — Excerpt from Reinventing Organizations by Frederick Laloux


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