Our Fridge Full of Expired Goods

I went down to our kitchen in the middle of the night to grab something to eat. I have a hard time sleeping on an empty stomach. Weird.

I opened the fridge and, behold, a bright light shone and a choir of angels sang a heavenly song! Okay, maybe the fridge light wasn’t that bright and the sound I heard was just the buzzing sound all fridges make.

I grabbed the half-full cheese spread bottle and thought that it looked familiar. It really was familiar because it was the same cheese spread that we bought more than a year ago! And yes, it was already expired months ago.

Then, I grabbed the Spanish sardine bottle. Behold, it was also expired.

So, I opened the cupboard and grabbed a bottle of peanut butter. As you may have guessed, it was also expired. So was the bottle of Nutella and another chocolate spread (Crumpy). 

That night, we had a full fridge and a loaded cupboard. But almost everything in them was expired. We were abundant with food, but scarce with food we could actually eat. 

Lesson learned: Don't eat in the middle of the night. Just kidding. 

Many times, we buy more than we actually need that they end up going to waste. They only "expire" on us. Sometimes, we even buy more clothes than we can actually wear and other stuff we can actually use.

I don’t know what other people’s reasons for doing so are. But for me, I was so afraid to run out of food to eat. I was afraid of people noticing that I wore the same set of clothes week after week. I was afraid of not having the latest gadgets.

Well, I realized that having a full fridge, a loaded cupboard, many sets of clothes, and the latest gadgets do not necessarily mean abundance. In fact, it even means the opposite. It means that I have the scarcity mentality.

Having the scarcity means you’re afraid of not having anything tomorrow. That’s why you stock up on food and resources. It means you’re afraid of feeling left behind in terms of the latest clothes, trends, or gadgets. It means you’re always fighting for the biggest slice of the pie.

On the other hand, having the abundance mentality means you’re okay with just having enough for today because you know you’ll still have enough for tomorrow. It means you’re not afraid of feeling left behind in terms of having the latest clothes or gadgets because you know you already have what you need. It means you’re not always fighting for the biggest piece of the pie. You believe that you can make the pie bigger and that there’s more than enough pie for everyone!

Besides, having a scarcity mentality cost us more. We paid a lot for our electricity bills because of our fridge full of expired goods and we consumed too much space for things we were not able to use as much. It’s a good thing we just have enough food now and just enough stuff.

Oh, and if everyone has the abundance mentality, I don’t think there will be a single hungry person in the world. The world is so abundant! There’s more than enough for each of us and even for future generations.

And I'm not talking about saving more or consuming less. It’s about being content with just enough and confident that you’ll have enough tomorrow as well.

Don’t think in scarcity. Think in abundance.

What kind of mentality do you have?