Six things you can do today to be healthier and be more productive

In an effort to be healthier and to do more and better work, I'm starting these six things. Do you want to join me?

  1.  Stop forcing yourself to work at night. You're already tired. Instead, sleep early, write on your journal, read a book, or anything that can inspire you to wake up early tomorrow. 
  2. Plan you to-dos at night. This will help you wake up the next morning with purpose and with your own agenda. 
  3. Wake up an hour earlier to have your daily appointment with God. Offer your day to Him and all your activities. In case you're feeling low, let Him affirm you that you are His child. 
  4. Exercise. A healthy mind is not enough. You also need a healthy body to do your work well. Get yourself moving. Literally. 
  5. Eat only fruits for breakfast. If possible, eat at least three kinds of fruits for breakfast. It's all about enzymes. And you need all the vitamins and nutrients you need. 
  6. Get some sunlight. Two words. Vitamin D. 


[31-Day Challenge Update] I'm starting anew! Here are the rules of the challenge in case you're new here. Today, I woke up at 4:30AM! So, today's score is green. Day 1 of 31: Complete!

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