So Soon

Part of achieving freedom is the freedom to choose what success means to you. 

Is it having your own house (at a young age)?

Is it getting promoted (at a young age)?

Is it starting your own business (at a young age)?

Other people have defined what success should mean to you. And they defined it in such a way that you should achieve it so soon. Achieve it a little too late and you probably wouldn't be as happy. Because they make you feel that way. 

So soon. 

We all want everything so soon. Probably not because we really want it so soon, but because they tell us to. They also judge us not only based on how much success we achieve (as if it can be quantifiable), but also on how soon. 

But, we, remarkable people, always have a choice. We don't have to accept other people's definition of success. We can define it for ourselves. That's what free people do. 

Success doesn't always have to be measurable, like the amount in your bank account. In fact, it is the success that cannot be measured like your relationships that brings fulfillment and happiness. 

It also doesn't have to be so soon. No more clichés about the fun is in the journey. But, you don't have to pressure yourself too much. Do work that matters instead. 

Don't simply accept what success means. Define it for yourself. Yes, you can do that. And it doesn't have to be so soon. You decide.