Sunday Reflection: Does Your Mind Wander When You’re Praying?

Sometimes, my mind wanders whenever I’m praying or hearing mass. I would suddenly realize that I’m no longer focused on my prayers or on the mass itself. Five minutes into my prayer time, I would find myself thinking about my blog and my little writing career. Yes, my attention span is really, really that short. 

After realizing that I’m no longer focused on God, I would try to stop thinking about all the distractions and refocus on my prayer.

However, I realized that some of my best articles and business ideas were born when I was praying or celebrating mass inside the church. Maybe my mind’s wandering isn’t really because of my very short attention span or because I get easily distracted. Maybe my mind’s wandering is because God wants to meet me where I am.

I realized that God is just as excited about my blog, my small business, and my little writing career as I am. He is as excited about my dreams and my life as I am!

I also realized that God wants to be a part of every area of my life, not only when I’m praying or when I’m attending mass. He wants the best for me not only in my spirituality, but also in my family life, in my relationships, in my career, in my dreams, and in all the other areas of my life. That’s why He keeps on overwhelming me with ideas on how to make those areas of my life better. He takes me to places I’ve never been to and helps me think of ideas I’ve never thought possible.

How about you? Does your mind wander when you’re praying?

Instead of shutting down your brain and avoiding all the distractions when you’re praying, maybe you should allow God to take you to places you’ve never been to and help you think of big ideas you’ve never thought possible. Maybe you should allow God to help you dream bigger dreams. Maybe you should allow your mind to wander with God.

And maybe you should let God be a part of every area of your life – not just your prayer time or during mass.

Lastly, being a writer, God has become my Editor-in-chief. Being a starting entrepreneur, God has become my business partner. Being His child, He has really become my Father. He’s just in every part of me. And I bet that He wants to be part of your whole life too.

Let your mind wander.

“Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” – Matthew 6:8