The Best Way to Learn Marketing

… is being in the market.

You can take all the marketing courses you want. But, you can never fully understand marketing until you actually go to the market and participate in it.

Only then will you understand what works and what doesn’t. Only then will you understand what else you need to improve on to be able to sell your product.

I’ve been taking marketing courses for three years now. But, it is only recently when I truly went to the “blogging,” personal development, and freelancing market and participated in it. My eyes were opened to the possibilities and I felt challenged to step up my game.

More than the marketing techniques, I learned how to listen to what people really want. Isn’t that the essence of marketing—to give people what they want?

Marketing is not just about selling or putting your products and advertisements out there. It’s about giving people what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. You can only learn all those by listening to them and you can only listen to them by being in the market.

Even when it comes to the stock market, you can never understand it until you get your feet wet and participate in it.

A lot of people want to learn how to invest in the stock market. They read all the books and all the blogs. But, they never really open an account with stockbrokers. Not even with online stockbrokers who require minimal capital. BPI Trade doesn’t require any investment (but it requires a maintaining balance in your account of P500), while COL Financial requires a minimum investment of P5,000, which you can use to buy your first shares of stock.

Here’s a suggestion: Before you even read a blog post about investing in the stock market, open an account and experience being in the market first-hand. By the time you read books or blog posts, you’ll already know what it’s really like. You’ll have a better idea of what people are saying. You’ll also be able to apply what you’ll learn more quickly and effectively.

In case you want to learn how to open an account with BPI Trade or COL Financial and start investing in the stock market, I wrote a manifesto which you can download for free here.

Get out there and get your feet wet!