The Best Way to Look for a Job

... is to do it even before you get it. 

Instead of waiting to get picked to do the job, pick yourself and start doing it. Don't wait for someone else's permission to do the job.

Start a blog. Create your own portfolio. Manage your own social media profiles. Contact your network. Get some clients. Serve them for free. Get some experience under your belt. Hone your skills. 

Before you know it, you're already hired. Better yet, you've already started your own business or freelancing business. 

Two mistakes I've been committing these past few weeks are not finishing strong (which we talked about yesterday) and prioritizing job hunting over creating. I know I have a desperate need to find a job to replace my current one. But, that doesn't mean I have to stop creating, which I did.

Instead of waiting to get picked to create, pick yourself and start creating. 

The world has changed and it has allowed everyone to create and self-publish his art. The playing field has been levelled.

Will you still wait or will you create? It's up to you.