The New Marketing

Old marketing is creating a product, paying (a lot) for advertisements, and expecting people to want the product because of the advertisements. 

Old marketing is still alive, only that people use different media, especially the internet, and call them new. 

A lot of advertisers are moving to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and to other new media (although the first three are not so new). But, what most of them are doing is still old marketing. 

However, old marketing is no longer effective. 

People are more informed. We are more sophisticated in making purchase decisions. And we begin to care more about how products are created. We now ask how production affects the environment, the workforce, and so on. 

The key here is not so much that we are more informed or more sophisticated. The key here is that we begin to care.

New marketing is showing people you care. And that care should be genuine. People know when you are just faking it or simply putting your best foot forward. 

New marketing is showing people you care by creating a product so remarkable through a process that's friendly to humans and the environment. 

New marketing is about adding real and lasting value to other people's lives (and to the environment—never leave this out). 

If old marketing is creating a product, advertising it, and pushing it to people, new marketing is asking what people want and need, creating it so remarkably, and giving it to them. 

Old marketing is not dead. But, its effectiveness is dying.

New marketing is rising and it's making a huge difference to people's lives and to the environment. And it's really effective.