The proverbial brick wall

It’s what separates you from what you want to achieve—success in any area of your life.

It’s what’s stopping you from moving forward.

How many times have you hit this brick wall?

How many times has this brick wall brought you to your knees?

How many times has this brick wall turned you back from reaching what you desire?

After turning back, how many times have you tried again only to hit the same brick wall?

Are you in front of that brick wall yet again? (I know I am.)

It’s now or never. There’s only one way left to move forward: break through that brick wall!

Let’s do this once and for all.

It’s not easy. It will take time. We may have to temporarily retreat and to change strategy. But, there’s no other option but to break through that wall.

Or maybe there is. It’s to remain where we are and live the rest of our lives wondering what’s on the other side. You choose.

What's your brick wall?