The Two Kinds of Careers

There are only two kinds of careers.

There are also only two ways to add value.

Creating and controlling.

Creating is when you create something new—whether it is a new product, a new service, a new business, a new marketing plan, a new strategy, a new work of art, a new song, and so on. It is when you come up with an idea and implement it. It is when amazing things are born.

Controlling, on the other hand, is when you control what is already created. It is what the accountants, finance people (like myself), auditors, lawyers, and most people in the corporate world do—they make sure that there will be order amidst the chaotic growth of the company. It is probably what the doctors do as well. With everything going on in this world, with everything being created instantly, our bodies cannot keep up with the chaos. Most careers nowadays are of this kind.

While fun and excitement are in creating, the world needs controllers to keep us in check and to remind us to slow down. 

While order is in controlling, the world needs creators to keep progressing. The world needs artists to make the world more colorful.

The world needs both people who create and people who control. We need to respect what each group has to offer.

How about you? What career are you in?

Then again, I have a bias for creating. No matter what career you’re in, make it a point to create something. Whether it’s writing, painting, or starting a new business. Anything. Do something creative every day. It’s the only way to live a fun and exciting life. We were all born to create (and cause chaos?).