The way it’s supposed to be

Yesterday, I found myself having fun while redesigning my blog and writing a blog post. Just a little bit more and I know I can do this full time. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Just a little bit more.

During lunch time, the ate (the older lady) serving me lunch was frowning. She already seemed tired from all the serving and yet, it was only 11:30 in the morning. The rush hour of employees from 12 to 1 in the afternoon was still about to come and she still had a long day ahead of her. It seemed like she was annoyed with us, her customers, and annoyed with her work.

Then, I realized that sometimes, I’m just like that ate. I’m annoyed whenever I’m forced to do something I don’t like. I frown. I lose my temper. I slam… things. Well, maybe my keyboards. Especially when I don’t do work that matters to me and to other people. Still, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

How about her? Can she see it? During times like those, I realize how blessed I am because I have a choice to change careers especially now that I don’t have a family to feed. But, how about ate? I would like to believe that she also has a choice, but making that choice is harder because of her responsibilities and, yes, because of less opportunities.

Maybe the challenge for us, those who have better opportunities, is to do the work that we love and help others do the same.

Because life isn't meant to be lived that way. We only have one life to live it like how ate is living it. We are all meant to enjoy the journey. We are all meant to enjoy the work that we do. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. 

Slavery has been abolished, yet most of us are enslaved by work we don’t like doing—no matter the pay check.

Make the choice to do work that you love and work that is meaningful to others as well. Give others the same opportunities you’ve been given. Let's help ourselves and help others make their lives more fun and meaningful. We can all do work that matters.