Today, Let It Not Be About Me

Every Sunday, I take a break from writing about WorkLife, and Changing the World. Instead, I write about my imperfect understanding of God’s perfect love as my personal mission to spread His word and His love and to make a difference. You can read more Mission posts here.

... let it be about You, Lord.

Today and all the days of my life.

Let it be about Your love.

Let it be about Your sacrifice.

Let it be about Your mercy.

Let it be about Your forgiveness.

Today, I just want to praise You, honor You, and give You thanks.

Thank You, Father.

Even just for today, let it not be about me. Let it be about You.


P.S. I was reflecting to this song while writing this short post. Feel free to join me in honoring God today... and all the days of our lives.